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How to Get Your Add Listed FREE
To be listed please send me a selfie of yourself that is at least 1024x760 resolution which I will resize myself along with any of the information you see on my image listed here below as yours will also look something like mine. I strongly suggest that you rent yourself a post office box or provide an alt address that is something other then you home address unless like me you have enough security cameras in your building to sink a battleship & have little to worry about with personal safety. I prefer Steam & XBox myself but if you want to write me feel free to do so. I do not care about age, sex, or location so long as you respect me I will respect you also. What ever you wish to place on the image it must be no larger then 640x600 like mine & your welcome to make it yourself so long as its G rated & in English. If you prefer that I make it just provide the information for me so that I can make the image for you & send all information to me via AWFordJrDotNet@Gmail.com with the subject line set to "MakeNewFriends.AWFordJr.net Add Me Please".

By sending me your information to be posted you are agreeing that you take full responsibility for the information that you provided & that you will never hold anyone other then yourself responsible for the information or content you provided. Also keep in mind that I reserve to refuse or reject any post that I wish without explanation or reason as well as to remove the page or site if I so chose at any time though its highly unlikely.

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